Our Approach

ICOM's primary goal is to serve and engage Muslims by establishing daily congregational prayers; promoting the progressive values, teachings and practices of Islam; advocate interfaith harmony in a multicultural environment.
ICOM masjid is a place of worship, gathering, learning, sanctity, and a place of connecting with the Creator and the community at large. We aim to promote Islam as a true religion based on Quran and Sunnah, by means of engaging good conduct, good behavior and reaching out to all human beings with a message of peace and prosperity for all.

Our Story

Inspired by the great environment in United States and bringing true peaceful, spiritual and real message of Islam to our communities around.
A place for worship and community get together was a dream by most of us living in neighborhood of Owings Mills. We started with Taraweeh prayer in one of the member's house and saw passion and need in community for their own place. This is the motivation for this center.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to serve the community for the service to almighty Allah.
Unanimously we are agreed to serve and work with the community to be successful.

Javed Patel


Coordinating and leading all efforts at ICOM, bringing many years experience in leading a successful construction business. A motivated and inspirational entrepreneur. Actively engaged in collaboration between the community in Owings Mills neighborhood.

Zahid Niaz


Leading efforts on all finances for the ICOM. Proved experience working with non-profits and experienced Business Analyst. Vast experience in working with multi-cultural and communities around the United States.

Shafiq Rahman

Operations, Tech/Comm

Experienced Information Technology Management professional, wide experience in Education, healthcare organizations and national/international level education Assessments. Focused on development of our youth. Degrees in Business and Technology.

Community Partners


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